Long-Term Missionary
Mary Runion #121A
Missionary in Process

Status: Missionary In Process
Once Mary reaches 100% of her support goal, she will be released into full-time ministry with Time to Revive.  Thank you for praying for Mary through this process.

After missing the first week of reviveINDIANA :: Fort Wayne due to daily doctor’s appointments for their oldest son with special needs, Mary and her husband Joe were thrilled to be able to join in the following weeks after receiving great news from their son’s doctor—a clean bill of health for a year!

Mary loves how hands-on Time to Revive is with prayer and evangelism, and the more she and Joe got involved, the more they knew this was the perfect fit for them and an answer to prayer.

As a homeschooling mom of three, French and public speaking teacher, and pastoral student, Mary is looking forward to using her gifts of teaching and intercession to see the Holy Spirit change lives forever. Mary also loves to sing, write, and capture memories with photography. She loves animals too—anything fluffy and cuddly, and she admits that Jelly Bellies may be her greatest weakness.