Our Story

It Started With Two

Our story begins with one couple's longing for personal revival. This longing grew into a passion for the sleepy and comfortable Church to be awakened to her true identity and purpose in Jesus Christ.

An Active PursUit

In 2006, the Holy Spirit began activating Kyle Lance Martin, an apartment maintenance man and recent seminary graduate, to urgently pursue revival for the Church of Dallas, Texas. Kyle put feet to his passion by walking the Dallas streets – praying, fasting, and asking God, “What does revival look like for this city?”

Tangible Confirmation

On the sixth day of Kyle’s journey, God revealed and provided a plot of land on Gaston Avenue where a city awakening would spark. With the support of his local congregation, Dallas Bible Church, Kyle secured a 6,000 square foot tent and began meeting with pastors of various denominations, asking them to unite under the common foundation of Jesus Christ.

Revival Sparks in Dallas

A year later in April of 2007, the Forty-Day Dallas Revival became a reality. Hundreds of people from over 200 churches in the DFW Metroplex gathered under the banner of Jesus Christ. They met to worship in spirit and truth, to pray, to renew their love and passion for the Lord, and to see their city transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Eighteen-month-old Maya, Kyle and Laura Martin’s oldest daughter, was miraculously healed by the Lord after being diagnosed in 2006 with a rare blood disease called Langerhans’ Cell Histiocytosis (LCH). Others were healed both physically and spiritually, lives were redirected by the Lord according to His Word, and a two and a half year-long drought in Dallas ended in three weeks with record rainfall as a result of the Holy Spirit’s movement in the Dallas Revival. 

“So let us know, let us press on to know the Lord.
His going forth is as certain as the dawn;
And He will come to us like the rain,
Like the spring rain watering the earth.”
Hosea 6:3

Time to Revive is Launched

We didn’t always have a name. In fact, we were nameless when the Holy Spirit prompted individuals from New Mexico, Arizona, and others to invite us to carry the flame of revival from Dallas to their city. We were a simple group of believers pursuing revival, but after reviveSANTA FE took place in 2008, and Awaken the Valley in 2009 -2010, it was time to answer the constant question: “Who are you, and what do you call this?” Time To Revive was born and became an official nonprofit organization in 2010.


      Revival Spreads

Since Time to Revive became an official organization in 2010, revival has spread to many more communities as the Lord has directed our steps. Responding to invitations from within the community, Time to Revive has partnered with each reviveCITY to equip the saints for Jesus' return by uniting and praying alongside believers for personal and corporate revival, and training them to bodly declare Jesus and make disciples.

Santa Fe, NM Sedona, AZ Flint, MI
Asheville, NC Seattle, WA Devils Lake, ND
Richmond, CA Columbia, SC Twin Cities, MN
Indiana Tupelo, MS Florida

In early 2015 as Time to Revive partnered with Elkhart County, Indiana God began a new thing. What started as a 7-day prayer week quickly shifted to 52 days of continued engagement in the community as God prompted the Time to Revive leadership to follow Nehemiah's example. From there God launched revival into 6 other Indiana cities (as depicted by the 7 rays on the Indiana state flag), and revival continues in Indiana as an additional 19 "star" cities will be reached with the mission of Time to Revive, carried out by team members and volunteers who are carrying on the pursuit of revival. Meanwhile, the Time to Revive staff continues to plant seeds of revival in new cities and states as the Lord leads.