What We Do

Our mission: to Equip the Saints to share the gospel and make disciples.

We are Gospel-Obsessed, Spirit-led, church-driven, city-focused, and disciple-oriented in order to see Jesus Christ transform hearts and cities across the United States of America and beyond.

Time To Revive is actively equipping the saints for Jesus’ return by uniting and praying alongside believers for personal and corporate revival, and training them to boldly declare Jesus and make disciples. When the Church starts living and declaring the pure message of the Gospel in unity, a city, and even a nation can be revived for His glory. (John 17:23). 




A four-Phase Approach

As Time to Revive is invited into each city for the sake of partnering together to pursue revival, we follow a consitent 4-phase approach that is personalized in each city as the Lord leads.



Using the model from Joshua 2, Time to Revive plans an initial scout trip to your city to seek the Lord's confirmation before moving forward. In our years of pursuit, we have learned to look for evidence of three essential markers that indicate a region is ripe for revival: humility, unity & hunger.



Once the Lord has confirmed TTR's investment in your city, we begin partnering together to prepare for a specified time of intense outreach in your city. We ask the Lord to begin establishing a local core leadership team who will be forerunners in the pursuit of revival alongside the TTR team. Throughout the prep phase (typically 2-6 months), the Time to Revive team will periodically travel to your city to conduct a series of pastors meetings, business luncheons and community gatherings to bring unity and clarity to the mission and to grow anticipation of what the Lord will do through the time of outreach. During this time, we will also conduct times of training and equipping to begin building a base of believers who are prepared for the city-wide outreach. It is during this phase that we are ultimately looking to establish a strong partnership in the Gospel as Paul describes in Philippians chapter one (Philippians 1:3-5).


Outreach & Discipleship

During the specified time of outreach (minimum of one week), the Time to Revive team, local congregations and sometimes believers from across the United States(especially in national cities) will intentionally unite to share the Gospel in your city. As we embrace this time of outreach we remain open to the Lord as to how long we should stay, continuing to invest in your city. This intense outreach ignites a desire in hearts to continue sharing Jesus, praying alongside local believers, and discipling new believers as a new way of life.

As we have traveled throughout the U.S. partnering with the local Church, we have developed a framework and tools that allow the Church to unite around a singular purpose of sharing the Gospel and making disciples together. Throughout the outreach phase we follow a common daily schedule that brings the Church together for times of training and equipping, and then leads believers by the hand out into the streets to share the Gospel and make disciples. After each day of outreach we pair new believers with local Christians who commit to walking alongside their disciple for a year of intentional discipleship.





As the outreach phase concludes and Time to Revive leaves your city, ownership transfers from the TTR team to the local core leadership as the momentum of revival is entrusted to the local Church. Revival is sustained as the local core leaders now replicate the TTR team, carrying the torch of encouraging unity in the Church of your region and the continued action of going out to share the Gospel and make disciples. If left alone, the Church will often revert back to the silo mentality of managing our own “kingdoms” and drawing people into our congregations instead of working together for the Kingdom and going out to share the Gospel together. The local core leadership team’s efforts to facilitate the continuance of revival in their city is what makes revival sustainable and transmissible.

Our 4-phase approach is rooted in the model found in 1 Thessalonians 1:2-10 to model, assist, watch, and leave.






Evangelism and discipleship are the heart of the mission of Time to Revive. Both must accompany each other in order to see true revival. We assert that both evangelism and discipleship are best carried out through the following method as exemplified by Jesus: