Invitation Process

Thank you for your interest in pursuing revival for your community!

In our years of pursuit, we have learned three important markers indicate a region is ripe for revival: humility, unity and hunger. As Time to Revive considers investing in your city, we look for evidence of these three markers as outlined below:


There is a sense of laying down one’s own ideas, plans and schedules for the benefit of the whole.

Leaders realize they cannot construct or manipulate revival; it is the Lord’s work alone.


There is a unified gathering of pastors and believers (small or large) who are committed to setting aside differences for the sake of sharing the Gospel and making disciples in unity.

Desire is present for pastors and believers of differing denominations, races, genders and socioeconomic classes to be united together. Efforts have begun to develop this diversity.


Hunger for revival is present in the city; the unified core of pastors and believers are desperate for the Lord to awaken the Church and revive hearts in their community.

This hunger is exhibited in regular action: prayer meetings and/or evangelistic efforts.


Once you sense the Lord confirming this is the right next step for you and your city, please take the following action to submit a formal invitation to Time to Revive:

Write a letter to Time to Revive expressing your desire to begin a partnership for the purpose of pursuing revival in your city. Share the evidence you see of humility, unity and hunger being developed in your community.

Mail the letter to:
Time to Revive
ATTN: New City Invite
PO Box 835943
Richardson, TX 75083

Or, submit your formal invitation online.

Online Invitation

Next Steps

After submitting a formal invitation, the consideration process is triggered. A Time to Revive team member will contact you and begin the process of seeking the Lord’s confirmation before moving forward.