Jennifer Steinkopf #217A

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Jennifer Steinkopf #217A

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Jenny lives in Wadena, MN and has always had a heart for ministry. She tried a few formal avenues, like YWAM and medical outreaches through her church, but the timing never seemed right. She began supporting Time to Revive team members, Josh and Megan Edwards, when they started their own journey in 2014. As she watched God work through them and the ministry of TTR, Jenny wanted to be a part of the exciting work God was doing. She loves the ministry’s focus on unity and discipleship and how TTR goes outside the church walls to meet people where they are at. God has used TTR to remind Jenny she is not in control and to break down the box she had neatly put Him in. She’s seen God answer prayers in powerful ways, and working with TTR has increased her faith and trust in Him. Finally, the timing was right, God opened the door, and now Jenny is walking out her passion as a full-time team member herself!

Jenny is a Registered Nurse and has worked in hospital, clinic, home care and hospice settings. She has a heart for people and loves to hear their stories. She has experience with grief support and has served in youth ministry for the last 10 years. In her free time, Jenny enjoys spending time with her parents, siblings and five nieces, paddle boarding or kayaking, camping, handwriting cards or letters and playing sports or board games.