Tiffany Faye Williams #210A

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 (804) 337-9185


Tiffany Faye Williams #210A

Team Member

Tiffany Faye was being drawn closer to the Lord and looking for ways to serve Him better when she heard about reviveOHIO in September 2016. She attended a kick-off event in Auglaize County but wasn’t able to fully participate until Mercer County in December of the same year. Tiffany Faye loved the encouraging environment that came from interacting with people. Serving with Time to Revive taught her to completely depend on the Lord, her provider, her one and only true strength.

Tiffany Faye lives in Mendon, OH. Before joining TTR, she worked in the retail business. Through her customer service experience, Tiffany Faye has developed a deep desire to truly listen to others. A Packers fan through and through, she loves spending time with her young nieces and nephew and enjoys the company of her fur-baby, Colby Jack. Tiffany Faye has been bungee jumping and can’t wait to skydive one day! But the most impressive thing about Tiffany Faye is her perseverance and determination. After many years of hard work, and with the assistance of her family, most people would never know she has Cerebral Palsy affecting her right side. “I praise the Lord for my CP; it has taught me to never say, ‘I can’t.’ It has really helped me understand the struggle of others.”