Erika Plescher #215A

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Erika Plescher #215A

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Erika got involved with Time to Revive in September 2017 when her home congregation served as the host church for reviveOHIO :: Allen County. During her first experience in an outreach week, God freed her from severe social anxiety, miraculously removing all her fear and anxiety. God used TTR to help her grow, and she is thankful for all the amazing people she has come to know and love. Erika’s favorite thing about serving with TTR is seeing churches and believers come together for ONE purpose!

Erika lives in Ottawa, OH with her husband, Gary, and her father, who she cares for full-time. She enjoys spending time with her family and with the teens in her youth group, where she has been a leader for the past 4 years. In her free time, Erika likes to read, cook, craft and travel. Erika is always on the go, which is no surprise when you learn she grew up in the military. She’s lived in eight different cities, five different states, two different countries and attended twelve different schools!