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Rich Goodwin

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Rich Goodwin

Director of Media

In 2010, Rich was introduced to Kyle Lance Martin at the National Religious Broadcaster’s Convention in Nashville, TN. This first meeting sparked not only a friendship, but a God-given desire to live stream Awaken the Valley in Sedona, AZ. In every city since, Rich has provided creative and technological expertise for Time to Revive. In 2013, Rich and his wife, Shelly, left their media company (Media Syndication Group) to work fulltime on TTR staff. As Director of Media, Rich loves watching the Holy Spirit impact lives and is privileged to capture priceless moments of people placing their trust in Jesus Christ for the first time. When at home in Texas, he can be found working on a house project, reading a book, or hanging out with Shelly and their three fun-loving children. Rich is also purist when it comes to M&M’s®. No peanuts, just chocolate.