Brad and Kristina Sprenkel #238A

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Brad and Kristina Sprenkel #238A

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Brad, Kris, and their four children first connected with Time to Revive (TTR) in 2022 at the reviveINDIANA :: Carroll County Outreach. Friends were sharing their experiences and invited them to come. This brought them to a gentle awareness and reality of the power and moving of the Holy Spirit, as they surrendered to His control.

Brad, a laborer for a concrete company, found himself being called to leave behind good friendships with his coworkers, as well as the physical activity of concrete work, excavation, and construction to join TTR. Kris enjoys time studying the Word, leading worship, and homeschooling their children’s different learning styles. She will continue to do those things as they work and travel with Time to Revive.

When there is free time, the family spends a lot of time outdoors - hunting, fishing, kayaking, hiking, snowboarding, playing frisbee golf, tennis, softball, taking bike rides and enjoying God’s creation together. Little fact: Kris and Brad were born in the same year, just two weeks apart, with Brad being just a little bit older than her. Kris’s favorite food is candy. Brad is great with kids, and sometimes enjoys spending time with little ones more than with adults!