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Scott and Nicki Troyer #124A

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Scott and Nicki have not been the same since God changed their lives as they began engaging with the ministry of Time to Revive. They first got involved in 2011 during reviveFLINT after hearing TTR founder Kyle Lance Martin speak at Prairie Camp in Northern Indiana. Then they jumped all in when Time to Revive came to their hometown for reviveINDIANA in 2015 , and they haven’t looked back since.

As they have poured out to others through TTR, God has poured into them.  Scott and Nicki have overcome many trials, and continued to trust God even when they didn’t understand the reason for all the adversity.  When Time to Revive came to Goshen, God was able to use the circumstances that He had brought them through to help others going through similar situations.  All of a sudden, their lives had even greater purpose. “It was so exciting to see that God did not waste our pain, but rather used it for His good and His glory,” they share.

Scott and Nicki enjoy spending time with family and friends playing euchre, softball, going bowling, and taking motorcycle trips. Scott loves to live on the edge, always letting the waitress choose his meal when he eats out, and letting her surprise him when she brings it to the table. Nicki is always up for fun as well, once dressing up as a zebra for the hit show Let’s Make a Deal.