Ryan Miller #170A

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Ryan Miller #170A

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Ryan started volunteering with Time to Revive during the early months of reviveINDIANA 2015. When TTR traveled from the northern part of the state to new cities, Ryan prayed to God for direction in the next steps of his life. In return, Ryan believes he heard God say, “Well, what do you want to do?” Ryan believed God knew his heart, his passion for ministry and photography, and responded, “Working for Time to Revive would be nice.” Ten days later, Ryan was asked to work as one of TTR’s photography contractors. He was blown away! Looking back, Ryan knows God had everything in place before he even asked. He loves the fact that every day, he is able to do two of his very favorite things: ministry and photography, and he gets to do them both! TTR has impacted Ryan in many ways, but the most significant has been seeing how this ministry constantly relies on the voice of the Holy Spirit and does not waiver from it. Now, he is in the process of becoming a full-time team member with TTR.

Ryan has a gift for capturing the feel and telling the story of reviveCITIES in pictures. He is dedicated to whatever he does. Before joining the team, he delivered furniture for his uncle’s business in Nappanee, IN. He loves playing long board games. Some of his favorites include Carcassonne, Francis Drake, Factory Fun and The Cave. He also enjoys traveling. Ryan has been to every state in the U.S. except Hawaii, as well as 16 different countries. With revival continuing to spread, traveling with TTR will hopefully add to his list!