Shawn Carlson

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Shawn Carlson

Executive Director

It was during reviveTWINCITIES in 2014 that Shawn Carlson was introduced to Kyle Lance Martin as a contact in the business community who was happy to help connect TTR with local businesses. But as far as going out on the streets and sharing the Gospel, Shawn was clear that there was no way he would be doing that. It just wasn’t who he was. Little did he know, God had a different plan in mind. As Shawn saw the many churches and various denominations working together as one he was energized and decided to give hitting the streets a try. He soon realized how easy the TTR method of sharing the Gospel is and fell in love with it. He enjoys seeing others discover this as well. Shawn describes TTR as a ministry of “normal” people who have been called to something extraordinary. It is a call he is now living out!

Before joining the TTR team, Shawn spent eight and a half years as a senior vice president and chief information officer for a Minnesota bank. He also served as the Keystone Director overseeing the bank’s giving and community involvement program. Shawn loves hanging out with his wife and daughter. He enjoys camping, hiking, backpacking, skiing and has run eight marathons! If he’s not being active outside, you may catch him at a Needtobreathe concert, his all-time favorite band.