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Jef Newsom #147A

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Jef’s involvement with TTR goes back several years. He attends Dallas Bible Church with Kyle and Laura Martin. After watching a video of an 11-year old girl share her faith in Jesus with people on the streets of Dallas, Jef worked up the courage to ask Kyle if he could join him. Jef participated in “Man on the Street”, part of Kyle’s radio show, where he would go out and engage with people, sharing the love of Christ. From that point on, Jef was hooked. He traveled to North Dakota for reviveDEVILS LAKE in 2013 and to Minnesota for reviveTWIN CITIES in 2014. Jef also played a supporting role in the monthly outreach times Dallas Bible Church initiated around that same time, often leading the outreach when Kyle traveled out of town. When reviveFLORIDA was scheduled for January 2016, Jef had no plans to travel. The Wednesday before the engage week was to begin, Kyle asked if he was coming, and he quickly found himself with a plane ticket and a host home. It was during his time of serving with reviveFLORIDA that Jef heard the Lord call him into full-time ministry with TTR, and he said “YES”! Jef loves the immediate feeling of home that comes from believers coming together in unity with a heart for their communities. One of his favorite things about serving with TTR is seeing the look in people’s eyes when a stranger takes time to care about them and get to know them.

Jef, a self-described left-handed Texan, has lived in the DFW area since 1995. Although he majored in Physics and Math, Jef has spent the majority of his career as a custom software development consultant and trainer. His most recent work has been with a company he founded in 2004. Jef has two children, Eva and Ben. He loves spending time with them, playing the guitar and “dorking” around on his computer. Jef enjoys using sock puppets and impersonations (although he admits they are “really bad”) in his technical presentations to adults. Maybe in the future, Jef can lead some team trainings with his puppet skills!