Allen and Cindy Eash #108A

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Allen and Cindy Eash #108A

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Allen felt called to be involved with Time to Revive within just a few weeks of the ministry touching down in Goshen, Indiana. As he was further equipped to share Gospel, Allen's confidence grew and as he was greatly impacted as he saw lives changed. He desired to get more involved and prayed his wife, Cindy, would be as excited about it as he was. Within a month, Allen’s prayer was answered as his wife expressed the same desire. While Allen grew up Amish and only has an 8th-grade education, he has a strong business background concentrating in startups and marketing concepts. Prior to joining the Time to Revive team, Allen was a successful business owner and his experience is a great advantage to this constantly flexing ministry. Allen enjoys playing golf, riding bikes, and spending time with his wife and their sons.

Cindy could easily be described as a “jack of all trades” having worked as a cake decorator, receptionist, nurse’s aid, floral designer, hotel clerk and manager of a house cleaning business. None of these jobs compared, however, to her life of being a full-time mother to her four boys. For nine years Cindy spent the bulk of her time caring for their youngest son, Benji, who passed away in 2013 after a long battle with cystic fibrosis and other health complications. Cindy spent the next two years feeling empty and confused as to what her purpose was now. In March 2015, she got a glimpse and began to better understand her new calling as Time to Revive came to her hometown of Goshen, Indiana. Her experience with reviveINDIANA pushed her to better embrace her relationship with Jesus Christ and set a fire in her about sharing her faith on a daily basis. She quickly realized how much fun it was to go out in groups and share the Gospel. She considers it a blessing to be on the TTR team and be able to use her gifts to serve God in this way. Cindy also enjoys spending time with her family, relaxing on Florida beaches and expanding her artistic passions which include photography, graphic design, and jewelry-making to name a few.