James and Aimee Stewart #132A

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James and Aimee Stewart #132A

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James and Aimee’s journey with TTR began in February of 2015 after watching a live simulcast of reviveINDIANA in Rochester, IN. The couple decided to travel to Goshen and check things out in person. James and Aimee were struck by how loving people and really listening to them opens the door to sharing about Jesus. They both love how TTR equips the church to share the Gospel. After Goshen, they were able to join the work in both Kokomo and South Bend.

James has worked as a furnace operator at a foundry for over 17 years. He enjoys spending his down time hunting, fishing, and kayaking; that is, when he’s not helping others or talking about Jesus! Watch out when it’s birthday time…James is known to send out “goofy” audio birthday messages to friends and family just to get a good laugh.

Aimee, a self-proclaimed “jack-of-all-trades,” most recently worked for the City of Rochester. Previously, she has worked as a hairdresser, a licensed CNA, a vet clinic assistant, and an investigator for a personal injury attorney. She loves reading, listening to praise music, and any activity involving water. On warm days you will often find her out on the lake in her inflatable yellow kayak, spending time with God and swinging her oar to the beat of worship music.

A beautifully blended family, Aimee has one son, Shayne, and James has two daughters, Lacie and Liberty.