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Thomas Melvin #228A

Contact Information
 (260) 223-2287

Thomas Melvin #228A

Web Master

When reviveINDIANA came to Fort Wayne in 2015, Thomas and his wife, Angie, had no plans to participate. In fact, a 4-day camping trip was scheduled with his parents. When his dad had to work unexpectedly, they even tried to set up a last-minute hiking trip, but those plans fell through as well. It was then that they remembered hearing about reviveINDIANA! After listening to the testimonies during an evening service, Thomas was blown away and grateful that, in God’s Providence, their travel plans had not worked out! Since then, Thomas and Angie have been attending reviveINDIANA events in Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas. “My favorite thing about Time To Revive is seeing God at work — through miracles, witnessing new creations, the unity of the Church and the revival of a city/state/nation.”

Thomas and Angie are currently pursuing revival in Fort Wayne, IN as Time To Revive volunteers. They hope to see many people growing in knowing God and having His presence restored to the home.