Steve and Susan Lee #628

Steve and Susan Lee #628


An Ambassador is a unique role within Time to Revive. They are every-day folks who have studied the scriptures and are now embarking on a journey to help others launch and sustain outreach and discipleship movements around the world.

Ambassadors have spent two years immersing themselves into the Word of God through the teachings of reviveSCHOOL. They have looked for and found the Messiah in every book of the Bible which has created in them an aspiration to help show the world that Jesus the Messiah is coming back.

The challenge that lies before the Ambassadors is to commit to a state, region or country and dedicate some of their time teaching and encouraging locals to do outreach by training them on how to share the Gospel and then follow up with long-term discipleship by launching reviveSCHOOL groups in these areas. The Ambassadors have committed to monthly communication with locals as well as annual visits to train and equip in person. This commitment is a minimum of two years and we fully expect to see long-term relationships form from these initial movements.

Please join us in celebrating what God is doing in the lives of these Ambassadors. If you sense God is calling you to pray for or help financially support any one of these Ambassadors by helping to cover the cost of annual trips, thank you!