Joel Helmuth #227A

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Joel Helmuth #227A

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Joel first connected with Time to Revive in Goshen, Indiana back in 2015, when it first came to the state. He loved seeing the Church being what it was called to be – One body, doing the work of the Kingdom! He discovered that it helped draw him closer to the Lord through the Word, as well as people speaking into his life. It gives him great joy seeing the same happen in the lives of other believers, as he interacts with them in various reviveCITIES. Seeing people come alive in their gifting is such a joy! Prior to joining the team, he participated with Time to Revive in Indiana, Florida, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Texas. He was also a Time to Revive Ambassador for Argentina and South Africa.

Before joining the TTR Team, Joel worked in sales and business development for a small but rapidly growing company. In his free time, he loves traveling, biking, exploring, volunteering on work projects, and remodeling. He also enjoys scuba diving, but doesn’t get to do it nearly enough! In addition to growing up Amish and not having any formal education, another unique fact about him is that he has been fortunate enough to travel and see every state in the lower 48.