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Prayer and Freedom

Prayer and Freedom Ministry

Ray Sturdivant and Cherry Brady provide prayer ministry for people seeking inner healing and freedom. 

Ray Sturdivant is an ordained pastor, teacher, prayer ministry trainer, prayer minister and former elder. He has been following Jesus since 1983 with the last five years being the most intense and productive of his life. It is during that time that he had an encounter with Holy Spirit that radically changed the trajectory of his life. Freedom prayer is a direct result of this fruitful time. Hundreds of people living lives of spiritual freedom, deeply connected to Jesus have been the result.

Cherry Brady is a prayer minister who was called into prayer ministry full time in 2015. She has passionately partnered in both assisting and leading freedom prayer with hundreds of people. Her own journey into spiritual healing through freedom prayer is the reason her passion runs so deep to see others experience the freedom and deep connection with Jesus that she now lives out of.