Jesse Eisenhour #110A

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Jesse Eisenhour #110A

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When Time to Revive CEO, Kyle Lance Martin, publically prayed for team members in Goshen, Indiana on January 16, 2015, Jesse Eisenhour remembers hearing the Lord ask if he was willing to give his life to this call.

Jesse and his wife Elly have been a great example of what it means to follow the Lord in faith, fully grasping what it means to count the cost. Since the day they were called in January, Jesse and Elly, along with their three little children, have left the everyday familiar behind to jump fully into all that God is doing through the ministry of Time to Revive. Jesse loves seeing the book of Acts unfold before his eyes, as he joins the rest of the Church in walking out dreams and seeing countless numbers of people transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Known as “Jesse the Mexican Superhero,” Jesse is the resident class clown and always manages to keep every situation interesting.  He is well known for his random one-liners, his love for great food, and his ability to make anyone laugh.