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Wade Aaron #101A

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Wade Aaron #101A

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Wade was drawn to Time to Revive when he learned that they shared the same core passion—equipping others to share the Gospel. Wade was a 6th grade math teacher and had been teaching a “Going Out” evangelism class for 3 years at his local church in Dallas, TX when friends began telling him about TTR. Beginning in January 2015, Wade locked hearts with Time to Revive through their weekly prayer time, and traveled to South Bend, Indiana in May of that year to see God’s work through TTR in action.  Since then, Wade has jumped on board and is most excited about the opportunity to equip more people to share the Gospel.

Wade enjoys competing in sports activities, traveling, and spending time with his wife Hannah, not in that order. He also cherishes the time he spends each day with the Lord. He’s proud of his devotion to his wife, sharing that she was the first person he kissed, waiting until his wedding day for that special moment. Wade also admits that he’s a crazy dancing machine at social events.