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Stephanie Benedict #181A

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Stephanie was invited by a friend to the reviveOHIO :: Day 3 evening service. That night, God spoke to Stephanie through the message, asking her, “What will you do to see one soul saved?” Stephanie answered, “Anything! Anything for just one soul!” As a teenager, Stephanie’s prayer had always been that God would use her to work in His Kingdom. Now God was telling her this is the work He has for her to do. This moment led Stephanie on a 10-week, relentless pursuit of the call God had placed on her life. She eventually found herself sitting in a church parking lot. A storm was moving in, the wind whipping around her, lightning flashing, and Stephanie began to shake uncontrollably. She looked up and said, “Yes, Jesus I ready. I’m all yours. I’m all in. Here I am, use me.” 

Stephanie’s favorite thing about TTR is how they are Holy Spirit led and go to God first in all things. Working with TTR, Stephanie’s spiritual life has grown exponentially, and she’s been challenged to go beyond her fears, resting in the complete faith that God is equipping her, using her and expanding her sphere of influence as He wills. Stephanie found it was easy to share Jesus with complete strangers and she can have fun while doing it! Above all, through Time to Revive, Stephanie discovered she is a worshipper, and in that, she found complete freedom in Jesus.

Stephanie lives in New Madison, OH with her husband Daryl. They have three children, Takoda, Tashayla and Tanya. For many years, Stephanie worked for her family’s business, selling window treatments and flooring. She later worked in environmental services at Wayne Healthcare. Family is very important to Stephanie. She loves to spend time with them on fishing trips, around a bonfire or playing games. Stephanie likes to read and has a great love for learning. She cherishes carving out quiet time to sit (or walk) in the presence of her Savior, to contemplate and hear what He has to tell her for the day ahead.