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Stephanie Benedict #181A

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Stephanie Benedict #181A

Team Member

In the summer of 2016, Stephanie could sense that something was about to change. She had worked alongside her dad in an interior decorating business until he retired. After that, she took a part-time job at a local school and then worked at the nearby hospital. But still she was restless, so Stephanie decided to finish her college degree that was sidelined when she married Daryl twenty-five years ago. One week before classes started, she decided to go to an evening service Time to Revive was having in her local community. That is when she knew her childhood dreams and life calling were about to collide. Classes were canceled and ten weeks later, she began filling out an application to join Time to Revive as a full time team member. She stepped into an adventure that only God could orchestrate. Stephanie lives in Ohio with her husband and children. Family is everything. They love to travel and try not to miss out on the yearly fishing trip. Always on the go, she takes time for personal retreats, loving the quiet times to study and read, believing you are never too old to learn and grow.