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Mindi Oaten


Mindi Oaten, an artist, is cousin to Kyle Lance Martin and joined TTR on Day 18 of reviveINDIANA in 2015. Directed by the Lord, Kyle asked Mindi to come to Goshen and paint prophetically on stage during the evening services. She jumped right in. Artistically talented since her youth and professionally trained, Mindi had only recently heard God’s calling on her life to use her creativity as a ministry. TTR has launched her return to the arts and is opening the doors for her calling, bringing out the creative gifts that were once buried. Mindi’s work with TTR is allowing her to learn and grow in a whole new world of relying on the Holy Spirit to speak through her paintbrush. One of Mindi’s favorite things about serving with TTR is following the Holy Spirit in obedience and then watching how He speaks through art to touch people’s lives. It’s a platform for art as an act of worship.

Mindi lives close to the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Cochrane, Alberta with her husband, Cory, and three hockey-playing boys: Dane, Leif and Bryn. She received her BA in Fine Arts from Western Washington University with a concentration in Studio Drawing and a Minor in Art History. Before joining TTR, Mindi worked as a stay-at-home mom to her boys. She has also worked as an Interior Designer and a sales representative for a home jewelry company. She obsesses over every shade of white and loves rustic-modern interiors and textiles. Mindi claims “you can never have enough throw pillows!” A self-proclaimed “hockey-mom”, she loves cheering on her sons at the hockey rink, sipping a good cup of coffee in her studio, snowboarding and listening to music. Mindi and Cory enjoy watching movies together and scuba diving when they are on vacations.

Mindi’s favorite place to be is in the Lord’s presence in her art studio. She has an obvious God-given talent and blesses those who have the opportunity to watch the Lord work through her.