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Drew Gibbs


At the invitation of a friend in 2011, Drew was asked to go and volunteer as a videographer in 2011 with Time to Revive for reviveFLINT.   He had never run videography for a ministry before and his latest job was working as a Commercial Concrete Estimator.  From 2011 on, the Lord revealed (through Drew’s sheer curiosity and raw talent) his creative calling to work as a videographer and video editor with Time to Revive.

Drew’s favorite part of serving with TTR is the daily opportunity for laughter that comes from encounters and the variety of personalities met in every city.  He also loves having the privilege of seeing the specific ways the videos impact audiences all across the globe.

In his free time, Drew enjoys riding his bike and reading literature works of all kinds.  He also loves telling people that he dyes his hair red and applies his freckles each day with a marker.  To believe or not to believe, that is the question.  Even so, we are thankful to have a crazy gifted (and albeit, just plain crazy) videographer and artist like Drew on the team!