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Steve and Brenda Bachman #136A

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Contact Information
 574-536-5364 & 574-536-3853


Steve and Brenda Bachman #136A

Team Members

Steve and Brenda have been involved with TTR now for the past three years.  Their specific role in the ministry is serving the team members with "reviveMARRIAGE".  They have always had a passion for seeing marriages not just survive but thrive.  They recognize that the added stress of doing full-time ministry can take its toll on marriages as well.  

In September of 2019, they answered the call to co-pastor Steve's childhood church in Manson, Iowa, where they daily have chances to walk out TTR principles and model that for the church.  The goal is to not just pastor a church but a community.  They also see themselves paving the way for TTR to come and do an outreach in the community.  Currently they are sharing one full time role with revive and one full time role at the church.  

 Steve and Brenda love spending time with their family, son Jesse and wife Emily and their two granddaughters, Mkah and Kate, and son Kyle and wife Amanda, and daughter Annie and husband Austin.