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Caleb Beachy #141A

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Caleb Beachy #141A

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In the spring of 2015, Caleb was invited by Ryan Schrag (instigator of reviveFLORIDA) and a friend to join a group of believers in Sarasota to pray about the possibility of inviting TTR to their city. Caleb and this group gathered for months, praying for the Lord to open doors when the time was right for both the city of Sarasota and the TTR ministry. The Lord answered their prayers, and later that year, the TTR team traveled to Sarasota for prep trips. In January of 2016, Caleb was able to participate in 4 weeks of outreach with reviveFLORIDA.  Some of Caleb’s favorite things about serving with TTR is seeing the Holy Spirit work in people’s lives and being a part of churches coming together for the sake of the Gospel. He loves witnessing a believer understand they have the power and authority to go and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Caleb holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of South Florida. Before joining TTR, he worked for a video production company, Artistic Media, where he filmed and edited videos. He has worked on video projects from corporate videos to commercials, weddings to videos for churches and non-profits. Caleb grew up in Mexico where his parents served in ministry. His heart for others comes from watching his parents’ love people through ministry. Caleb loves hanging out with family and friends and playing sports. He also enjoys playing, recording and listening to music. Caleb is particularly fond of squirrels ever since his dad rescued a baby squirrel during a hurricane and it became the family pet!