Paul and Juliette Reiland #148A

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Paul and Juliette Reiland #148A

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Paul and Juliette first experienced Time to Revive during a Twin Cities monthly outreach event back in January 2015. They were intrigued to find a ministry their family could participate in together. They were drawn to the TTR model of prayer and outreach right away. Participating in reviveFLORIDA in January 2016 brought about a major life change when the Lord called them to pursue full-time ministry with Time to Revive. Paul left his 22-year career in the real estate world. Now as TTR team members, they are dedicated to equipping others to share the love of Christ. 

Paul and Juliette live in Northfield, MN with their five children: Rachel, Joseph, Thomas, Elizabeth and Rebecca.  They enjoy the many coffee shops and pizza places this college town has to offer. The whole family enjoys theater both on and off the stage. Juliette, an original “Valley Girl” from California, is passionate about and dedicated to homeschooling their children. Paul loves motor sports, music and movies in his free time. 

Being a part of TTR has given the Reiland family a bigger heart for hurting people. They now choose to pray with people “in person” as they go about each day. The whole family has learned to be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and they seek to listen even closer and act on His promptings. They knew on their first outreach night that they had found something special in Time to Revive.