Throughout the ministry of Time to Revive, relationships are central to our mission, both in staff-leadership relations and in on-the-ground discipleship. As we interact with others it’s important that we follow the framework of principles we find modeled in the life of Jesus as He interacts with James and John:

Pray - Ask the Lord for a disciple.

Look - for a disciple that the Lord has prepared, and discern if they are open.

Call - Reach out to the disciple; make initial connection.

Respond - Positive or negative, the disciple will respond to the “call” in some form.

Relate - “Do life” with the disciple; build intentional relationship.

Establish - Assist them in seeking God’s purpose for their life.

Share - Teach and work through hard Biblical truths together.

Endure - Model and assist the disciple in enduring hardships.

Remain - A disciple that remains in the Lord bears fruit.

Replicate - While the two continue in relationship, the disciple is able to carry out the great commission by finding someone to disciple, & the disciple-maker prays for a new disciple.

Click on a video below to see the discipleship process unfold.

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Discipleship Image
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