In 1 Thessalonians 1:4-10, Paul provides the framework that Time to Revive seeks to establish for discipleship in each reviveCITY. The disciple-makers will model for the new disciples how to follow Christ, assist the disciples in their own journey of being a Christ-follower, watch and affirm as the disciples replicate this model, and once appropriate, leave the disciples so that both may continue making new disciples.

Nick Gerber

Discipleship Coordinator

Discipleship Training

Background Check

*background checks are required for discipling someone under 18 years old

Model, Assist, Watch, Leave


First the disciple-maker will model for the new disciple how to be a follower of Christ. This modeling happens through personal interaction as the two participate in everyday life together. This modeling will include going out to share the Gospel.


Next the disciple-maker assists the disciple as he or she seeks to follow Christ in his own decisions and actions. Instead of giving answers and telling the disciple what to do, the disciple-maker challenges the disciple by asking questions and guiding the disciple to personal discovery through prayer and Bible study. The disciplemaker assists the disciple in sharing the Gospel to make even more disciples.


As the disciple gains strength and confidence in his walk with the Lord, the disciple-maker steps back and watches, allowing the disciple to fail and succeed in life’s challenges and then offering feedback and affirmation. The disciple-maker watches and encourages as the disciple shares the Gospel on his own.


When appropriate, the disciple-maker leaves the disciple, sending him out to share the Gospel and make new disciples as he continues following Jesus.