Get Involved As A Church

reviveARIZONA desires that the fullness of the body of Christ be expressed here in the area, and that involves YOUR congregation! Every part of the body is important, and every congregation is vital to the health of the collective Church. Jesus says in John 17 that when we come together as the ONE Church, the world will know that He loves them. We pray that your church will link arms with the hundreds of other congregations partnering with reviveARIZONA, all for the purpose of declaring the Gospel in unity and glorifying God with one voice. There are many practical ways that your congregation can join reviveARIZONA:


Join the mission to unite the Church and equip the saints to share the Gospel and make disciples by becoming a reviveARIZONA partner church. As a partnering church, we encourage you and your members to join with other believers as we go out to pray for people and share the Gospel. Visit the schedule page to learn more.

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Provide Meals

As reviveARIZONA continues into more regions, meals are provided to inspire fellowship and sustain laborers during the outreaches. Could your church provide one or two of those meals? We’re looking for churches to partner with reviveARIZONA in this way. Click the link below to sign up!

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Volunteers are needed in each region of reviveARIZONA. Could your church sign up to cover greeting for one night? Or maybe your members could serve the lunch meal on a Saturday. Volunteering with reviveKIDS is another great way congregations can partner with reviveARIZONA. Contact the Leader in your region to see how your church can help!

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